As I have moved from academia to industry my work now research largely takes the forms off patents over papers.

Here are some highlights the 100+ patent applications which are currently at the PTC stage or further. The full list can be found here.

Treating a contact lens

The invention relates to an apparatus for treating a contact lens, and method of use thereof, allowing cleaning and/or disinfecting of contact lenses. The apparatus comprises a reservoir for an aqueous solvent, arranged to receive the contact lens; and a source of ionised gas plasma proximate to the reservoir. The method comprises placing the contact lens into the solvent; producing ionised gas plasma which generates reactive species proximate to the contact lens; and dissolving the reactive species into the solvent so as to form an aqueous solution. LINK

Plasma treatment (of seeds)

A plasma treatment apparatus, comprising a housing defining a void;  a source of ionised gas plasma in communication with the void; and agitation apparatus arranged to agitate contents of the void. The plasma can typically be generated at ambient pressure from the ambient air in the void. The apparatus can be used, in particular, for the treatment of materials comprising many small components, such as seeds, granular material, plastic beads and the like. LINK

A method for recycling an aerosol generating article

A method is provided for recycling an aerosol generating article comprising a non-liquid aerosol generating material and an inductively heatable susceptor. The method comprises a first step of shredding the aerosol generating article to break up the non-liquid aerosol material and the inductively heatable susceptor. The method comprises a second step of separating the inductively heatable susceptor and the non-liquid aerosol generating material. LINK

Electronic cigarette device with temperature-activated battery vent port

The invention refers to an e-cigarette device comprising a housing configured to hold a battery, a vent port arranged in the housing, and a safety valve means arranged on the vent port, wherein the safety valve means is configured to open and/or close the vent port partially and/or completely depending on the temperature within the housing. As the vent port opens automatically when the temperature of the battery exceeds a certain value, the potential danger of an explosion caused by an increase of pressure inside the housing due to a malfunction of the battery can be avoided. LINK


An inhaler is disclosed comprising an air flow channel extending between an air inlet and an air outlet,  a fluid oscillation circuit and a liquid injection mechanism. The fluid oscillation circuit is configured to oscillate air flow in the air flow channel by diverging and returning a portion of the air from and to the air flow channel. In use liquid is injected into the air flow channel using the liquid injection mechanism which is dispersed into droplets by an oscillating air flow in the air flow channel and delivered to a user via the air outlet. LINK