Previous Experience

Through a combination of manager, postdoctoral positions, training courses and non-academic positions I have built up a wide and varied skill set.

R&D Technology Manager

JTI (Japan Tobacco International)  

March 2019 – Present

In this role I manage the technical aspects of projects. These projects involve developing early-stage concepts and prototypes which are typically research-focused working with novel technologies. The devices are developed by a third party and require coordination of test sessions, selection of design architectures and ensuring project specifications are meet. Often key decision making is required to ensure the device will operate to its maximum potential.

As the position is technology-focused IP is a major part of my work. This involves the generation of IP protected as patents with over 50 applications being processed to date making myself in the top 5 inventors within the company. I also evaluate external IP to develop workarounds and also it’s worth as a potential acquisition.

While the role is management focused on work carried out externally I am also heavily involved in work carried within JTI’s laboratory environments. This included developing and undertaking ad-hoc testing procedures helping to evaluate a technology but also fault find and identify possible improvements. The significant improvement in analysis has led to faster data generation and from its rapid implementation of improvements.

Laboratory manager

Loughborough University 

May 2018 – December 2018

In this role, I supervised three research laboratories with over 15 researchers working on 10 different projects. My role involves me developing new research concepts, identify personnel to undertake this research and ensuring the deliverable are met on time. I also work supporting laboratory equipment selection and sample preparation.

  • Highly organised in project planning.
  • Facility management.
  • Supporting and supervising junior researchers.

Research Assistant Positions

Loughborough University 

September 2017 – July 2017

Commercialising of plasma technology for health care

On a separate project during my third year, I worked again as a part-time RA after securing funding to commercialise technology I had co-developed. Here the focus was on developing a small-scale device outside of a research basis and with the end user firmly in mind. Once completed I aided in the testing period, checking the efficacy of the device against other commercial products. Here I developed skills in:

  • Product development.
  • Project finance management.
  • Patent applications.

Loughborough University 

September 2016 – March 2017

Design and development of a separative bioreactor for cellulosic biofuel production.

I was appointed as a part-time RA during my second year to co-develop a microbubble bioreactor for the stripping of ethanol from a biological broth. This involved me working in part of a team drawing on the knowledge I had already accumulated in bespoke reactors to design and develop the system. But also, time management was key to deliver targets set with my PhD.



May 2016

In this training course, the objective was to learn skills and to understand the process required to take research on a bench scale to a commercial product. Whilst working in a team we had to select appropriate IP protecting for a fictitious product and present a funding strategy to a panel of national experts. The presented included and required a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Cost analysis and calculating market size to determine the ROI.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Exit strategies.
  • Business plan forecasting.


Fit for Industry

February 2017

Having been successful in the highly competitive selection process I joined other candidates from around Europe in Turin for the EU funded training programme. Here I both developed new skills and learnt how to apply existing skills for industry. This included carrying out several tasks where the aim was:

  • Problem-solving under time pressure.
  • Identify strengths and weakness within a team.
  • Responding to personal feedback and adapting my performance.

IT Skills

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) – Advanced

Solid Edge (CAD) – Advanced

NX (CAD) – Proficient

MATLAB – Proficient

COMSOL – Proficient


ASDA, Reading, UK    (Delivery Driver) 

June 2013 – October 2014

Nandos, Reading, UK (Waiter)

June 2014 – September 2014

Truro Sawmills, Truro, UK (Supervisor) 

June 2008 – October 2010

Hobbies and interests

As a person who thrives on being busy and who greatly enjoys working within a team, sports have always been of great importance to me. This winning mentality and dedicated attitude have enabled me to achieve my goal of playing for a professional Rugby team. After years of high-level commitment to the sport, I have been fortunate enough to sign with Oxford RL playing under a professional contract. Away from rugby I also enjoy a variety of water sport, including surfing and sailing, due to my huge appreciation for nature. I believe this has enabled me to gain transferable skills in:

  • Teamwork and leadership.
  • Delivering under pressure.
  • Execution of a given strategy.


Positions of responsibility

Supervision of projects

During my PhD, I supervised 15 people working on 10 different projects. I had to design the projects, manage the spending of a budget and ensure they would achieve a high grade.

  • Project planning.
  • Time management.
  • Mentoring (teach students about scientific principles and using specialist equipment).


President of Reading University Rugby League

I worked as the President of Reading University Rugby League where I committed myself and held myself fully accountable for the actions and decisions I made on behalf of the committee. It also enabled me to take the lead in making sound and effective financial decisions.

  • Financial Management (including budgeting, financial reports, bookkeeping).
  • Organisation of Staff.
  • Running day to day operations of the club (including training sessions, matches, socials).