A little bit about me

I’m Alec Wright an innovative R&D Project Manager leading from concept to production, delivering hand-held electrical consumer products for global FMCG markets. I am skilled at project management and have experience managing cross-functional teams in Legal, QA and Markets across Europe, Japan, China and the USA.

I am someone who thoroughly enjoys taking the lead and feels passionate about the benefits of involving myself in as much as I possibly can. I am constantly seeking fresh opportunities and finding ways to challenge myself to grow and improve.

I have a strong academic background with a Masters in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering plus a PhD also in chemical engineering with cross over into applied physics, electrical engineering and microbiology. Throughout my academic career which included several research assistant positions, I published over 10 peer-reviewed papers and filed two patents demonstrating my ability to produce results within a short space of time.

This has been continued within my industrial career where I have over 100 patent applications to date. In addition to inventing new ideas, I also manage the technical aspects of projects making decisions on where improvements can be made, fault finding and data analysis.